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Kami Nomizo Shiru Sekai II

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A Whole New World God Only Knows (TV size)

A Whole New World God Only Knows (TV size)

I don`t wanna let the chance slip away
Why is my freedom taken away?
Reason as against emotion
I`ve gotta deal with extreme frustration

All my effects will never be in vain
Endless desire,like a haunting refrain
Such a pain,the ideal versus the real
There is a way to change the world

Just count on me..

So what if I sing off-key, who cares
Not good at drawing, no big deal
Let me go for my one true belief

Overcome yourself
(Overcome myself)

"A Whole New World God Only Knows"
I`ll always be on your side (I know you`re hurting inside)
To be a knight, to be a light for you
We`ll be shining bright

No more fears (No more fears)
Everything will work out
That`s "God only knows"
Don`t get me wrong
This is not real love but
I`ll do anything for you

Whatever happens in my life,turn the page and come of age (Remember,no one can judge me)
Every end leads to a new beginning of the next stage
Try to make my life complete,trust myself
Be strong and do my best
Don`t look back,carry on…

(Be yourself…Be happy…It`s your life…
"God only knows"
Find your love…Find your way…For your life…)

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