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Nicky Larson

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Blue Air Message

Blue Air Message

‘What’s the matter?
It’s early morning’

Nothing, I just called
To hear your voice
I knew you were still asleep
But had something to tell you
Before I leave

‘Everything you do
You do only for you
It hasn’t changed
Since we started living here’

I was never able to do anything for you

‘What’re you talking about It’s not like you
Get going already’

I knew you’d stay
You knew I’d go
We always shared what
Was on our minds
You see your future
I see my dream
But it’s not goodbye
Even if we’re all alone

In the corner seat
At late in the bar
The song playing reminds me
Of that blue air message from you
I want to hear it again
Sing me your song
Close by my side…

I knew you’d stay
You knew I’d go
I still believe that
There’s no end to us
You keep your future
I’ll keep my dreaming
There’s no turning back
Even if we’re all alone

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