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Nicky Larson

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Only In My Dreams

Only In My Dreams

Only in my dreams, had I known the place
Only in my wishes, had I seen your face
Suddenly you come to me
Blow the clouds away from my skies
Tenderly, you comfort me
Give me reason to believe in myself, ooh-hoo

Softly in the night, you walked into my life
In my darkest hours you brought out the light
Suddenly you smiled at me
Took the pain away from my heart
Quietly, you set me free
Gave me strength to live, and now I know

* You were my guiding light
You take me to my dreams
A candle burning bright
You give me hope to carry on
Like a bird with open wings
You take me to the skies
You’re my guiding light
You give me reason to believe In me

Repeat all
* repeat

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