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The Vision of Escaflowne

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If You

If You

Open the door
To a room I’ve never been before
Counting all the books I’ve read so long
Something is wrong Where love has gone

If I should cry
Thinking of the love I felt inside
Don’t misunderstand nothing’s the clue
I cry for you Cause of love its true

When does love
Speak words above evolving pain
Like if these tears turn to rain
Endlessly calms the sea
For you and me

If you’re so cold
If worlds just hold
If want to lean
I’m here for you
If you

When does love
Create the worlds above our pain
Like if these tears were to rain
Endlessly for the sea
Still you and me

If you’re so cold
If worlds just hold
If were to lean
I’m here for you
So if you

Close the door
‘Cause the room won’t need us anymore
Holding our words
Just fill those books
Sometimes love looks
Like if love has gone

So I won’t cry
Now I know our love will never die
If I understand the reasons why
When you… if I and you…
Know that love is true

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  • OST2 Track #17