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Banana Fish (All Lyrics) all lyrics, 8 titres disponible pour cet anime. :. Cliquez ici .:
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I've been ignoring everyone
I've been wandering around
I've been deceived everything. At that time.
Then you appeared in front of me
You ignited my pale heart
We've been looking for each other
From now on

Save you

Saigen nai gisei wo
Mourou to shita risou wo
Mou muda ni shinai you ni to
Kanashimi wo kirikizanda

Get away from me
Get away from dark nightmare
Just now, chip at your heart
We just fight for freedom
Ubaiatte yogoshiatte
Soredemo mamoritakute

Get away from me
Get away from dark nightmare
We don't want to go through that again
Toki wa michita hajimari no kane ga naru

Get away from me

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