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Edgar détective cambrioleur

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Edgar détective cambrioleur (All Lyrics) all lyrics, 12 titres disponible pour cet anime. :. Cliquez ici .:
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Love Sqall, it's my love,
I won't let you get away again
I will capture him without any notice with my love sqall
But your heart is like wind
You always slip through me
Goodnight, my darling
I want you to be by my side
I want to have a dream of the two of us
Oh please make my dream come true

Love sqall, it's my love
You are finaly mine
Let's melt together until the end of the world in my love squall
But my body is a ship
I will sail away anytime to follow you
Goodbye, my darling
You drive me so crazy
Please say that you love me someday
Oh please make my dream come true

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  • Ending 3 (Part II)