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Dance In The Rain

Dance In The Rain

*Dance in the rain
Can someone tell me how?
Can't let go of the pain right now

Sunshine, blue sky
But then you said goodbye
Now rain is pouring down

Like a storm you wind up everything
So fast, so dark
My heart so weak felt broken and alone
Someone was telling me he'll keep me all safe
But I couldn't trust again
Without thinking rain could fall


Is it me or not?
I need to solve the knot
To break the misery

I believed the words you said to me
'I'll never change, I love you'
Sky felt brighter on those days
I gave the chance you want so fast like a wind
But also like what the wind do
You come and then go away


Now it's so hard
Can't go out in the rain
To face another day

Nobody beg for you to come in my life
You're the one who come and ask me for love
Now I'm filled with dark clouds that you left that day
Can someone help the sun to bright my days?

**Dance in the rain
I wanna live again
I wanna let go of the pain

Just with myself
Accept I'm all alone
Forget I miss your touch


No cries, just smiles
I'll try to make a change
Be bold and free again