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I'm swallowed in the dark
No dream will lead me back
I guess I'm losing my mind
Don't wanna read the lines

I try to hide the pain
You're drivin' me insane
But know your love is a light
Passing in the dark of night

I look around, it's empty
Only you can complete me
Oh God, I miss you everywhere I go

*Come on and try to kiss me
Come on and hold me closely
I wanna feel your warmth again
I'm slowly dying, baby
You know you're all I breathe in
You are a drug I can't resist
With you I'll be alive again

I cannot find the light
Where am I heading for?
I'm lying down on the floor
Just staring at the door

Still in a memory
A small amount of hope
A poison keeping me weak
Flowing all throughout my veins

I swear I saw you near me
I know it sounds so crazy
Oh God, I miss you everywhere I go


Little soul's gone away with your goodbye
Bit by bit
My time is ending
Every piece of my heart is slowly breaking
Boy, why can't you understand?
I am in vain