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Find The Love ["Koi" English ver.]

Find The Love ["Koi" English ver.]

Around the corner
There is a coffee shop
Here is the prettiest girl I found
How can I help you she said
I'm losing my control

It's just the way it is
Boys and girls Yeah That's it Wow
We already know the truth is inside of body
Please don't bother me

I wanna know about you more
I could get lost In your eyes
Somebody tell me what should I do
I don't know what to do to do

Nothing to worry
Because I have done so many simulations
I can't deny It's the first time
I'm so caught up in this love

Before the real game Oh
I did it flying Wow
I can't do it well without a friend
Toss Pass Kiss I want it so bad

Want you to know how I feel
I have been waiting all the time
Acting like I'm a decent boy
I guess I need to take a deep breath

Okay Okay Everybody
Let's focus here
Back side you gotta get ready
And you It's coming to ya
Okay Okay
You should know that
We are all counting on you

But I know
Just didn't wanna see what's on your mind
That fact you love somebody not me
Ah Got it now I know
It's never easy No equation

We cry We lost We do forget
We talk and laugh all night long
Everything we go though together
Why don't we make it all fun

Looking up the beautiful blue sky
Too bright to keep opening my eyes
Time passes each everyday
Right now Right here
We are standing in this moment

Find the love Ladies
Find the love Gentlemen
Find the love Here we go
Find the love Oh It's just the way