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If you want fire in the morning I'm gonna get it to ya
Straight up, I'm gonna give it to ya HOT...
I'm gonna give to ya HOT
You will desire me upon ya, sunset to sunrise
Oh yep... This girl you never gonna wanna drop...
You playa gonna close shop...
"You playa gon shut shop"

*Don't ya know
I'm the nicest flavor please
Don't ya know
I'm the only one ya'll need
And if it's about the birds and the bees
Then nobody does it like me
Bad Girl add 100 degrees
Satisfaction guaranteed...

**What's up
Ain't this what you want
I'm walking that talk believe
So what's up
I'm acting up front
Reserving you my back seat
The clock on the wall ain't ticking no more
Boy, come get what you came here for
That's what's up
Stunned... Shock...

You want my love in the evening, I'm gonna cater to ya
No doubt, I'm gonna slave it to ya hot
Yea I'm Missus Big Shot
Now get down on ya knees, I am the dominator
Hell ya, I'mma electrify you when I drop
Playa gonna close shop


I put you on this show
You gotta work for what you wanna
And you should know
My body like Woa
My body like Woa

**repeat [x2]