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How'd it ever get like this
What happened to my morning kiss
We are missing happy days
This way, baby...
Yet another situation
That you over complicate
Coz my attention wasn't catered
To you, baby...

Your looking detached with fury
Your kicking off in extremes today...

*I'm calling Houston
We have a problem...
You send me into my own space
Ain't no gravity
Ain't no leeway
The atmosphere has changed
I'm calling Houston
We have a problem
Your 30 billion miles away
And your satellite don't point this way
I been stranded here for days...

Days, days...

Now your influence is flu
Rubbing off on me from you
And I don't like snotty ways
It ain't me, baby...
Yet another killer look
All coz you want the whole world shook
Your the keeper of my say
And I'm mute coz it pays...

You just can't relax so angry
The sun never shines on the most beautiful day...


The creation of us was explosions of starriness
How did we get to this black hole it's madness
Yeah, we didn't plan it...
This vicious orbit that circles round our love...