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DIRTY BEAUTY feat. Anna Tsuchiya

DIRTY BEAUTY feat. Anna Tsuchiya

OK, Dirty Beauty show! Aw!!

Hey listen my boy
Would U do me a favor, alrite? A-ha?
I will show off makin' luv
Under Ur nose after this in here
With anotha Luvly robot
It's natural, of course I'll do it
U only have 2 draw
Right in tha middle of tha act all tha time

*I know, I know not cruel
That's better 4 U so hot, without envy
If so, then U can get up offa hug & kiss
Come here baby, yeah

Ur perversion satisfiez my desire
Good influence, OK?
Watch! Our dirty show
It's Ur true wish
U may use tissue... Ha Ha
& I luv U best
Cuz we R 1 in body & mind 'Understand?'
Let's enjoy abnormal world
umaku egaite ne Like a Leo's works


**Oh! Skecth, Sketch sono mama Keep on drawin'
zenshin toraete No mosaic body
Queen'z crown kabusetemo OK yo
Essential beauty ni So pleaze, oh yeah

We R dance through tha nite
Groovin' 2 tha rockin' beat boom boom! Oh yeah
'Come off it!!'
U can not enter this side
Sorry, B patience


***Oh! Shxx!! Sexy lady, if anythin'
Get wild tobichiru Sweat wa Jelly ni
U must get in 2 painter baby
saikou no sakuhin wo Oh yeah

In reward 4 Ur works, rite!!
Dark pleasure just lead U 2 Xtasy
itsumo no youni So