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Fallin' 4 U

Fallin' 4 U

Im gonna get you
You will be mine
When I get with you
We'll have good times
We'll do way more than wine and dine
A love like mines is hard to find
Peter Piper picked peppers but - rock rhymes
You stole my heart you robbed me blind
The kind of crime that I don't mind
Girl you can rob me anytime
So obsessed I'm calling you
So successful I ball for you
Thinkin of you is all I do
I never ever knew I'd fall for you

Who are you fooling?
You know your power
You can devour hearts
You got me going, baby

I see you laughing
While I am crying
What are you trying to do?
I think I'm falling for you

My momma told be about guys like you
She told me you ain't never gonna be true
I know I really shouldn't be liking you
But I can't help it

kuyashii kimi no Attitude
honto hamaru no Real good
shihai sareteku Solitude
Oh baby, I got it bad

*Can't control it
Lost my senses
Going crazy
I think I'm falling for you
C'mon, baby
Don't keep me waitin'
Boy, I'm so ready (it's true)
I think I'm falling for you

tomodachi wa
uwasa shite iru kedo

wagamama mo
ochiteku Fallin' for you

My daddy said a boy like you won't do
I should be trying to stay away from you
My girlfriends said I'm much too good for you
But I'm still falling for you

toritome no nai Attitude
honto shiritai Real good
gaman dekinai Solitude
Oh baby, I got it bad


You're such a bad boy
I must be mad, boy
But you're so rad, boy
You got my heart
Got my soul
And body too
I'm really falling for you

My love is like King Midas as you was told
Everything that I touch turns to gold
It's the greatest of the great
Get it straight, it's great
When you think about the sweet love that we make
I'm 'bout to go and lose control
Can't take it no more, I must explode
Forget about the things that you've been told
You're the only girl that I wanna hold
Like the butcher the baker the candlestick maker
Not a heartbreaker, I'm a love maker
Like a little old lady who lived in a shoe
Please be my girl my love is true
Not lying girl, you're the best I know
My love will show I'll spend that dough
You never had a love like this before
And you all know how the story go!

*repeat [x3]