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It's Mr.Lova pan the case - So bring it to me nah no time fi waste
Say she love off the wire in a mi waist - A Big Yard man dem run di place
We deh a lead so a we set the pace - Man a Galis so nah time fi trace
Mi a di target and you get replace - from she link me you number erase

*He is my Target sono kare dake shika mienai kono toki wa Dancing for you
ware wasureta shoujo wa hito no me ki ni sezu ni Don't stop move body
Target sono kare dake shika hoshikunai ima wa mou Hungry for you
ware wasureta atashi wa sakari tsuita mama mou Wanna be connected

Since a me you want come get you bulls eye
- My loving give you wings get you red bull high
I can love you for a season I'll be your summer guy
- And if you make me cut - I'll be your Samurai
Say you want Mr.Lover there no need for you be shy
- Mek me spread you pretty wings
dem like a butterfly - When mi start beat it and slice it up like a pie
Bap bap bap bap bap bap-you would a think say shot a fly

**Hey -Aint no secret to the loving weh we share-
Lecca say she no want another man a pull har hair- no
Lay down and put your foot ina di air
- Ride it like a Kawasaki deh pan y chair Vrum vrum
Nicely mi slide inside the zum zum
- Mi do it just the way how she like it mm mmm
So when you ready fi mi start it - Just put your finger pan the target

***Let me say, boy
Don't wanna make you gone
You're the baddest guy
Stay by my side
Come close boy
soko ja mada tooi
kimi ni fureru you
Step fumikonde
Let me feel, boy
Don't wanna make me dry
I'm the hottest one
Stay by my side
Come close boy
soko ja mada tooi
watashi no oku no hou
Step fumikonde

****Oh baby, wanna dance for you
You know how to do, please stand there for me
Oh baby, anata to issho ni nami ni naru sora ni tobu
Oh baby, be there for me sono mama de te wo nobashite
tokete yuki sou na netsu kanjite iru futari hodokenai youni

Any where you want it girl I can oblige
- From you Clothes drop Get ready fi the ride
Apply the pleasure as me slip it inside
cause you cah get a lovin yah no weh weh mi provide
International known girl you can't hide - W W W dot Shaggy Worldwide
You looking for the best you found it - aint no going round it
- Sparks fly when the 2 a we collide


You're my Target, during the night
ride on a Shaggy-buggy looking so bright
I'm gonna make it though, specially tight
King Shaggy is officially high
Common, ride on Japanese vehicle
Remember, I'm not the ordinary people
If you cannot make me hot
I can't stop tellin' you, “bye-bye see you”