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Jin Akanishi (KAT-TUN)

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Baby I got it got what you need
Wanna take you places you may never wanna leave
Let me be your driver I'll take you wherever
Let me sit behind ya layin on my leather

*Showty tell me that it's ok
If I spend the night baby
I could give you just what you need
As long as the light it green
Tell me that you're ready I'll go
Caution Imma take it slow
Like ahh baby ahh baby ahh baby

**Give me a test drive
So I can take you for a ride
After midnight we'll go downtown
Give me a test drive
Give me a test drive
When I throw some ds on your body
If you're ready you can start it by
Givin me a test drive


I know you're ready come roll with me
We can take it slow if you want I'll bring you up to speed
Tell me you're a rider you could be my passenger
I'll keep both my hands on and I won't be askin you


Been waiting on you single before we get down
No one had something so bad I need you right now
Baby say the word I'll give you all of me
Loooonngg as the light is green

**repeat [x2]