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Jin Akanishi (KAT-TUN)

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You're the captain of that hot ship first fly high
Yeah, like a latte, look you that reason I'm up on time
When I see something that is just so fine
I say oowah, I say oowah

Everything that's mine
I'd lay it on the line
I'm be Mr. Jack and you'll be Mrs. Pot tonight
We going on a trip like none you can remember
Better call your family will be gone a while

*Oowah Sing it baby
Oowah If you happy say
Oowah La-lady make me wa-wanna say
Oowah You say
Oowah For me
Oowah I'ma oo oo oowah ya baby

No words can expain just how I feel this and you'll say
You'll say

Pick a number you like
Plus 4 and double it
Minus 6 and divide by the peace sign yeah
Last thing you do is subtract the first number ya that
Equals you


Wake up in the morning
And I got you on my mind
Your all I think about I think about you all the time
Waves on the beach, coconuts in my glass
Sweet like a latte
Space ship blast
Stars in my eyes
Yup I'm standing on the moon
Anytime we spend apart I call it buzz kill ewww
Trip on you take the fall
On my mind ya know it all
Never out my site girl


I say
Oowah Feel so
Oowah Oh uh-oh uh-oh
La-lady make me wa-wanna say
Oowah You say
Oowah For me
Oowah I'mma oo oo oowah ya baby