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May J.

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The Lifelines

The Lifelines

I'm thinking of you
I still can hear you
It's hard to believe
You're far away

I'm here alone now
Look above the sky
I hope that you see
The same star

We've gotta be strong
We've gotta find
A way out of this
Dark side

Wherever you are
I'm right by your side
So don't ever stop

I needed a second to realize the matter of gravity we were trapped in,
wanna rewind the face of time wishing that none of this ever happened...
fukai zetsubokan... Can you imagine?
kessite wasurenai I keep on asking, why!?
demo Got to be strong, to carry on,
egao modoru made susumu Until that day
We will move on, unbreakable bond,
You know our spirit can't be washed away!!

*You may be far away
But baby you're my lifeline
No matter how dark the day
Your presence is a bright light
You give me hope
You give me strength
I'll carry on into the twilight
Yeah I was lost
But now I'm found
I'm not alone, you're in my heart now

La, la, la, la, la... [T.H.A.N.K.Y.O.U.]

*repeat [x2]