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Takahashi Youko

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TENSIONS - welcome to the stage

TENSIONS - welcome to the stage

Courage is the thing you need to find
When you're about to cross the line
Where there is more than just time to kill
War will flow and then blood will spill

Tensions are about to overflow
Cut with a knife and watch it go
Missiles soon will rule the open skies
Carnage will rain down from on high

Daichi wo kakenukete
Susume chi no hate he
Seijaku wo kirisaki
Hikari mune ni hime

Futatabi kurikaesu
Enishi wo tachikiri
Kanashimi wo dakishime
Mezame kyouki ni nare!

War is hell but it must be,
Dwell not negative signs,
Focus your mind to be your guide eternally

after all is said and done, what will be, will be
there can be no turning back of time, the deed is done
all the wrongs are not made right, by wishful thinking
he who pays the piper calls the tunes' bitter sweet melody.

Hiroi sekai no katasumi
Tsubasa hiroge tobitatsu ima
Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo
Kimi no ashita wo kagayakasete yuku...