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Log Horizon

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database (TV size)

database (TV size)

Counteraction rising
Yeah we are ready for the punch line
There’s no use with all your gimmicks

Login you damned one’s
Crush the wont you compromise
The noise comes we are ready to bow
What about the antidote for the jammed and hypnotized
Rend the lie that covers
Who’s the real sucker now

Sakimidareta hana no you ni azayaka na itami daki
Tatazumu machi wo nukete mayoi no serifu wa sute
Kaeranai koe yo hibike
We say Wow Wow Wow Wow

Database Database
Just living in the Database Wow Wow
The wall of pure fiction’s cracking in my head
And the addiction of my world still spreads

In the Database Database
I’m struggling in the Database Wow Wow
It doesn’t even matter if there is no hope
As the madness of the system grows

Database Database
Just living in the Database

Database Database
Just say Wow Wow Wow Wow

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