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Yoko Hikasa

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Dareka ga itta
Is it a dream? Is it a truth?
Dochira demo ii
Sore wa Magical
Like living in the middle of
The side of dream, the side of truth
Gainen wa Shut it down

Wagamama sarake dashite Passion
Su no mama Feel me

Prove me'n
Love me
Meikyuu de
Tell me
Untie me
One bit and two bit and more
Do you miss me? -x -x

Tomerarenai no
Is it a good? Is it a bad?
Dochira demo nai
":Re" no aizu
And show will start again
I'll meet you there, time and again
Munasawagi Turn it up

Memoria, I treasure every moments
Magnolia, Fill me

Prove me'n
Love me
Tell me
Untie me
Sukoshi zutsu
One bite and two bite and more
And I miss you -x –x -o

401/403/404/500/503/ aw---
What's wrong with it?
How can I reach to you?

Uwabe dake ja No - no
I can hear the alert
Urahara na kokoro
Won't you decode my heart?

Disconnection osoreru koto nai kara
Don't be scared. Hear me?

Prove me'n
Love me
Me awase
Tell me
Untie me
Suki dakara
One byte and two byte and more
Take me there
I'll see you there
Come on, you know
How I miss you